Percy Jackson and the lightning thief

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     Percy Jackson and the lightning thief



This book is Fantasy. It’s about 3 characters called Percy, Annabeth, and Grover. The main character is Percy. He never knew that he was a Demigod. Until his mom told that he was one of the sons of the big 3, POSEIDON.By the way the big 3 is Hades, Zeus,and Poseidon. This was surprising to me Because the big 3 aren’t supposed to have kids. After that percy, his mom, and Percys friend Grover headed to Camp Half-Blood. They got attacked by a Minotaur(a man with a bull head) and percy’s Mom gets captured but Percy and Grover were able to escape. Percy faints in shock. Percy wakes up in a bed, and a boy is watching him, this is Luke. After that Percy meets Annabeth and they go on a quest with Grover too. They face a lot of challenges. After they started the quest they went on a bus and got attacked by a monster and lost their money and food. And when they needed food they went to a burger shop. The good thing there was is that they got free food the bad thing is that the person who works there was actually Medusa. Someone is the apprentice of the evil Titan lord Kronos. Read the seiries to find out more! 


  1. abaker25 says:

    My favorite part of that book was the Medusa part.

  2. aporosoff25 says:

    I remember reading this. Remember when Grover almost gets pulled into Tatarus?

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