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The Octopus can shape-shift, camouflage. One type of a octopus is a coconut octopus. This coconut octopus hides in coconut shells to avoid predators. Octopus’s see a diver as a threat so they squirt away leaving cloud of ink. ¬†Octopus’s have 8 tentacles together. There is a movie called finding dory and the octopus is one of the main characters this is a picture of the octopus in finding dory.¬†


  1. abaker25 says:

    finding dory never fails it goes on forever11!1!1!11!!!!!!!!!11

  2. kassatly says:

    Sohta, this is a good post! I love Finding Dory, but not sure I would like to see one of these in real life!

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