May - 22 2017

  10. Snorlax         9. Tyranitar     8. Blastoise 7. Mega Absol   6. Mega Ampharos             5. Charizard           4. Lucario   3.Mega  Charizard X         2. Mega Charizard Y             Scizor       […]

May - 12 2017

     Percy Jackson and the lightning thief BY RICK RIORDAN   This book is Fantasy. It’s about 3 characters called Percy, Annabeth, and Grover. The main character is Percy. He never knew that he was a Demigod. Until his mom told that he was one of the sons of the big 3, POSEIDON.By the way the big 3 is Hades, […]

May - 11 2017

I went to the us open with my family. First we went to see the Doubles 2nd in the world vs vs 1st in the world. We didn’t know who won because we left in the middle, we also saw many more people play. When it was lunch time, we went to a oyster bar and my dad […]

May - 10 2017

I just watched the game Cleveland Cavaliers vs Toronto Raptors.At first Cleveland was winning in the first quarter. But then the raptors started coming Back.  The score was Cleveland 30 Toronto 26.The Cleveland team is better and more popular I also prefer Cleveland. But the Toronto team is pretty popular too because they are also […]

Apr - 24 2017

The Restaurant Haiku should have 3 *** stars. This is a Asian Restaurant. The location is 717 White Plains Road, Scarsdale NY 10583. Their Sushi is not that good  but the price isn’t that high. The food is not that good, but the service is pretty good and my family often go there. My dad […]

Apr - 19 2017

Hey people, it’s Sohta, I am going to introduce you to stuff I like. I like basketball, tennis, and I like the game Roblox. All of these things I enjoy because they are really fun. Roblox is the best game ever. Like, duh, who doesn’t like games? It’s the best game ever because it has […]

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