Saturn 4 Launch 2

About a week ago, we had our second launch. Before launching our rocket for the second time, we reinforced the rocket fins by ripping them off and putting new ones. That was the only thing that changed, and this time when launching the weather conditions also changed. Last time we launched, it was a bright sunny day, with not even the tiniest breeze. This time, it was the opposite. Before our launch, it was rainy and wet, and when we went out to launch the wind was howling and the grass was muddy and damp. This time, i got the job of the pump. Nevertheless, once again our rocket exceeded our expectations. It flew 55.5 meters high. On the landing, a fin fell off. The one fin we did not change, since it seemed fine at the time. For all we know, all the fins could have fallen off if we didn’t change them. I think this launch was even better than the last.


A few weeks ago we launched our rocket, the Saturn 4. Our group was called Saturn 4, and our members were me, Rowan, Roan, and Jason. When making our rocket we had included a pointy nosecone, four sharp fins, and a thin body. We launched our rocket with air pressure, and took the reading with clinometers. I was in charge of the countdown. Our rocket went 46.5 meters high. It was really fun.