Philadelphia trip

Welcome back to Samara’s world!  Today I will be talking about my experience on our Philadelphia trip.  We went to Philadelphia as a grade last fall. The four classes took two busses and spent the entire day exploring the city.  I think Philadelphia will be one of my strongest memories from Heathcote.


When I think back on Philadelphia, I think mostly of the bus ride.  The bus ride was so, so much fun. I sat next to Lily G, who is a friend from my class.  We had fun watching television, playing on our phones, talking to our friends, and hanging out with each other.  The one complaint I have about the bus is that we were seated in front of the bathroom and the garbage can which were very not pleasing.  


When we got to Philadelphia, we first saw the presidents.  There was a wall full of presidents. When you are going to be a president, there is a photo wall thing for that.   After the wall of pictures, we went upstairs and we saw a bunch of flags across the hallway. They were on the roof and all over.  We also went to a museum that had Alexander Hamilton stuff. Our group did not go to the liberty bell because it was a really long line.  But there was a window right where the liberty bell was so we took pictures of that.


So if you want to go to Philadelphia I recommend you take a bus with all of your friends!


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