Capstone – Questions – #2

Hello and welcome back to Samaraś world, Today Iḿ going to continue talking about capstone. For capstone we need so many thing like a main question and sub question. Now what are main and sub question, a main question is a question that you have to study my topic is assistive technology and my main question is How have the design and function of assistive technology changed over time? A sub question is like your main question but split up. For sub questions you have to have 5 or more, I have 7 but maybe using 5. My sub question are What is assistive technology? How has access to this tech changed? How have people’s views of assistive technology changed over time? How many people use assistive technology in their daily life changed?How was assistive technology created?What part of assistive technology have changed?Once you use assistive technology does it change your daily life? 

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