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Blog Post #3

To pollinate our plants, we used our finger to touch over every flower. Then after we touched every flower we washed our hands of the pollen.  The change in our plant was that it started to die.  But there are also lines that are green and are beginning to grow seeds.  Our group was so happy!


Our observations of the control plant was that the plant was big. It was 16 centimeters! We were sad because it only had 15 leaves.  There were more pods and buds in the control plant. We also noticed that it smelled a little bit like dog poop. Our observations of the manipulated plant was that it still wasn’t growing.  Not even a little green! The soil was dry and it smelled a little bit like seltzer and a little bit like nothing.  We were hoping it would grow more and were confused why it didn’t.

Next week I think that the control plant will maybe die some more.  I think the plant will be bigger but may be tilted to the side a little bit.  I think the manipulated plant will continue to grow nothing. I think this because the soil was dry a little bit and there was no green in the soil.

This is my control:

This is my manipulated:

Second Plant Post

Over the past 2 weeks I have been watching two plants grow.  One we used water and one we used seltzer.  


Our control plant was really growing.  Last time when we measured the plant was about an inch tall.  I thought this was pretty tall.  It was really green.  There were little buds on them but one of them was purple.  I thought this was strange.  The plant was growing up and out a little bit with the buds.  


Our manipulated plant was not growing.  I was watering it every day with flavored seltzer.  It didn’t have anything coming out of the soil.  There were no sprouts.  There was no color and there was no growth.  The seltzer had flavoring so it did not grow. Now we are putting in  water so it grows.


I am discovering that seltzer with flavoring does not help a plant grow.  My teacher is telling us to now use water in our plants.  

This is my control:

This is my manipulated:

Planting day 1

In science we are studying plants. We have to change something to see what happens when something new is used.  My controls are the seeds and the soil.  I decided to manipulate (change) the water. Instead of watering the soil with water I am watering it with Seltzer. My hypothesis is that the plant will survive shorter and grow smaller because of the flavoring in the seltzer.


After one week the plant has started to grow just a little bit. It is green with about two leaves in a group of two. There is also a green stem that is about the size of my pinky finger. The more I feed it with water (control) the more the plant is growing now. The plant that is fed Seltzer has not started to grow.  


This is my control:


This is my manipulated: