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PSA – Bullying

The WeVideo was one of the things I really enjoyed doing! The project that we did for wevideo, was social issues. It was interested in the cause bullying and I wanted to learn more about it because I felt really bad I mean who wants to be bulled. I think this because bullying is a horrible horrible thing and this shouldn’t be in our world. I think this will be a great project to do any time. It was like a experience.

The Mad Nap

Clare had a play date with one of her best friends, Rose. Clare didn’t know if Rose was coming to her house or if Clare was going to Rose’s house.They found out they are going to Clare’s house. Clare has a big sister May. May had to go to Hebrew School so they went. Why can’t we stay home alone? Clare thought, “We probably could just stay in my room!” Clare can fall asleep easily. The Hebrew School is so close by so Clare figures it was too close a ride for Clare to fall asleep. But, Clare does fall asleep!! Rose was mad and a little sad because Clare was asleep! Rose was so bored!

Clare woke up when she got home. Rose was so mad at Clare. She would not talk to Clare until the play date was over. Clare tried and tried to make Rose laugh, it was hard. Clare felt so sorry. Clare’s mom and Clare brought Rose back home. Rose and Clare fell asleep in the car. Rose’s mom was mad because she had to carry Rose into the house. The girls said, “We got to have a sleepover!”

They never had a play date or sleepover for the rest of the school year.

After the summer, they remembered the play date. They had another play date. Flashback! Long story short, it happened again!!


The End

The Cake Disaster

It was the day before my Aunt Dara’s birthday. My Mom and I decided to make a special, homemade cake for her. It was a vanilla cake with vanilla and chocolate frosting . We wrote Dara in M+M’s and we put Oreos all around the cake.


The cake came out beautiful! My Mom need to get ready. My sister (Hannah) and my cousin (Abby) were watching TV upstairs. My dad was at the temple. I decided to leave the kitchen to get ready.

But Then…


We forgot about my dog (Sophie) she jump on the table so-she-did. Sophie ate the bottom half of the Oreos. (Oreos have chocolate in them?)


We were all shocked that Sophie ate the Oreos. We were all wondering if Oreos have chocolate in them??My Mom and I were a little distressed because we worded hard to make a very special cake for are whole family.


Then Hannah and Abby went into the car while Mom and I were putting on new oreos on the cake. We hope Sophie will never eat Oreos again. Thank goodness the cake was still editable!! : )


Life leans if you get a dog then make sure that you always if you make a cake then push the food back.(Sophie is not died.)


: ) THE END : )