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Book Reviews or recommendation

Welcome back to Samara’s world.  Today’s post talks about a really good book called “invisible Emmie” by Terri Libenson. I like this book because it talks about the struggles that Emmie faces in life.  The way it is described feels so real it’s like I can feel her pain. “Invisible Emmie” is also about friendship and how she loses some friends but she gets them back. It talks about how she feels invisible and she feels like nobody really cares about her. I will recommend this book to anyone that likes comic books and friendship books.

PSA – Bullying

The WeVideo was one of the things I really enjoyed doing! The project that we did for wevideo, was social issues. It was interested in the cause bullying and I wanted to learn more about it because I felt really bad I mean who wants to be bulled. I think this because bullying is a horrible horrible thing and this shouldn’t be in our world. I think this will be a great project to do any time. It was like a experience.