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Rube Goldberg – #3

The steps for our process in building our Rube Goldberg changes a lot. We had to keep on changing because we didn’t really like the shape of the shape of the dominos.  The first set up had a marble run that hit the dominos, and then a ball, jenga pieces, DVDs, another ball, and then more dominos. The last dominoes had a pulley that would hit the balloon to pop it.  The next time we tried we changed the DVDs for a deck of Uno cards. We also changed the marble run to a electric car. Last we swapped the Jenga pieces and dominos. We finally had success.

Rube Goldberg – #2

Our first day of building for Rube Goldberg took us more than 3 hours. It was really hard because we had to get everything right. We also had to make it at least eight steps.  On the first day we all got really mad at each other and that was hard to handle. One thing that happened when we got mad at each other was we shook the table that the dominos were on and the dominos fell down.  One reason that we got mad at each other was that the dominos weren’t steady and that was frustrating. We solved the problem by eating because we all were hangry. Over the next few days that we were building we did not get mad at each other anymore. The reason we didn’t get mad at each other is that we had a plan to not get hangry. This of course involved eating and taking breaks to relax. I think this is great advice for more than just Rube Goldberg.

Rube Goldberg – #1

Hello and welcome back to Samara’s world. Today I’m talking about Rube Goldberg. If you don’t know what Rube Goldberg is, I’ll explain it to you. Rube Goldberg is a simple machine that has steps to move a item from the start to the finish. The finish has to be a simple task. For example, my groups final task was to have a balloon pop.  Another example of a final task is the flip of a light switch. Those were the two final tasks that we were trying to do. The steps before the final tasks were things like knocking over dominoes, a ramp and Jenga pieces. For Rube Goldberg at Heathcote my partners were Mia and Rocío.


Welcome back to Samara’s world.  Today’s post is about infographics!  Now what is an infographic? An infographic is something that explains who someone is or what something is.  For example, you could make one about Julia Child. It would include her life cycle or information about her or a picture.  I did my infographic on Newton’s Three Laws.


My experience learning about Newton’s Three Laws was good.  I went on BrainPop and learned all I needed to know about his three laws.  I then started writing about what his three laws were using my own words. I also added a picture of him to my infographic.  Here is a picture of my infographic.


Blog Post #3

To pollinate our plants, we used our finger to touch over every flower. Then after we touched every flower we washed our hands of the pollen.  The change in our plant was that it started to die.  But there are also lines that are green and are beginning to grow seeds.  Our group was so happy!


Our observations of the control plant was that the plant was big. It was 16 centimeters! We were sad because it only had 15 leaves.  There were more pods and buds in the control plant. We also noticed that it smelled a little bit like dog poop. Our observations of the manipulated plant was that it still wasn’t growing.  Not even a little green! The soil was dry and it smelled a little bit like seltzer and a little bit like nothing.  We were hoping it would grow more and were confused why it didn’t.

Next week I think that the control plant will maybe die some more.  I think the plant will be bigger but may be tilted to the side a little bit.  I think the manipulated plant will continue to grow nothing. I think this because the soil was dry a little bit and there was no green in the soil.

This is my control:

This is my manipulated: