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Capstone – Working On My Product – #6

Hi! Welcome to Samara’s world today I’m talking about capstone. In capstone you can have a slide show to talk about your topic and also thats what Im talking about.

If you don’t know my topic is assistive technology.

I’m presenting a TEDtalk, which is a slideshow with optional slides. The time has to be 5:00 to 6:00 minutes (you can go over the time).

I chose a TEDtalk because it has the most amount of time and so then I can explain everything in detail. I was going to do an ignite but my I saw what a TEDtalk was then I got interested in a TEDtalk.

To start my script you need a script organizer and for that you needed paragraphs. The paragraphs are for answering my sub questions. The script organizers was writing down the things you want to say, time and the picture for the slide.

The slides were easier than making the script because the script has the slide pictures that you want to add.

The big challenge for me was memorizing my script because their was so much to do.

That it.  Bye : )

Rube Goldberg – #2

Our first day of building for Rube Goldberg took us more than 3 hours. It was really hard because we had to get everything right. We also had to make it at least eight steps.  On the first day we all got really mad at each other and that was hard to handle. One thing that happened when we got mad at each other was we shook the table that the dominos were on and the dominos fell down.  One reason that we got mad at each other was that the dominos weren’t steady and that was frustrating. We solved the problem by eating because we all were hangry. Over the next few days that we were building we did not get mad at each other anymore. The reason we didn’t get mad at each other is that we had a plan to not get hangry. This of course involved eating and taking breaks to relax. I think this is great advice for more than just Rube Goldberg.