December 26


I love when it snows it is fun to play outside or hang out indoors!  and it is SO beautiful when it’es snowing! Just watching the snow fall. What do YOU feel when it snows?

May 4

DIY [Lazy Day Lemonade]

Want to make lemonade but you don’t want to go though all the steps? Well here is a recipe to fix that!


Black cherry lemonade powder

1 glass of water

Pour water into glass put as much lemonade powder as you want [Taste until your desire]


April 19

Time for a joke!

What did the picture frame do to the picture? It framed it! AND… Why do people like oranges so much? Because they are so apealing HA!HA!HA! please enjoy my jokes and let me know if you want me to post more.

March 29

Message from the Great mean Garbage patch/Draft

Hello again! Yes it is still me and you still have not fed me! Look all I want out of this is to eat the garbage, grow, and torture you! Did I tell you I have a dog named Pacific Because I’m the Great Pacific Garbage Patch! And I made the collar out of trash! Yummy Yummy Trash! Why do I love Trash I love trash because I get  munch and munch and then I make more friends well they do not like me but they get sucked in any way!


January 9

Writing Prompt/The Legend of the Birds

Hey! Here is a story. Four birds trying to fly one hangs upside down the other birds look down at it and chirp. The bird gets up and starts to chirp too. Soon the birds are fighting about how to fly. Soon they all end up hanging upside down. Sometimes you can still hear them chirping  in the forest and look out for the bird the hung upside down. Because  he goes after anyone who walks by….