November 13th – 16th, 2018



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Dear Colleagues,

It was really refreshing to hear from Ann Marie Nee and the many teachers who shared the amazing and inspiring work students are pursuing as they get older. When teachers were asked to stand to acknowledge having played a role in the education of those students in the videos, it was just an incredibly heartwarming moment to see so many teachers standing. I am sure some of you were among them! It just confirms that “Teaching is touching tomorrow.”

Many colleagues have expressed how much they appreciated the opportunity to have engaged in discourse with colleagues not only at the elementary level but also at the Middle and High School levels. It was also great to have the time back at GA to focus on Math. Thanks to Nancy and Shoshana for leading us in deepening our understanding of Contexts for Learning as we came together in the library and later branched off in small groups. Thanks also to Mindy and Karen for leading grade level teams.  The work the three of you shared is inspiring and offers great potential for further engaging our learners.  Our upcoming School-based Curriculum Grade Level meetings offer opportunities for us to continue our learning. Thanks to all for participating and for making the day a success.

On Monday, we welcome the day off from work – Veterans Day! It’s a day to think about and honor our veterans for the incredible sacrifices they have made and continue to make for our freedom.  Have a wonderful long weekend!




Along with elementary principals and members of the administrative team, I will be attending the NCTE conference in Houston, Texas and will be away on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week.  Sharon will be here and we are all hoping for a calm and uneventful week.  I will be checking emails, periodically and can also be reached on my cell phone.

Please submit your Proposal for Points if you have not done so.

Please follow through with Drew’s request to complete the BEDS survey no later than December 14th.  See Drew’s email sent on November 5th.

Our annual Fall Fundraiser (FUNraiser) will take place next Friday. Thank you for your thoughtful contributions which are an important part of the night. It’s always a fun evening and I hate to miss it this year.  Thanks to the PTA for extending the invitation to you and a guest this year. Hoping you are able to attend and have some fun!!!




Second graders growing their understanding of urban, suburban and rural communities using Google Earth.



December 3: Shelby, Lindsey, Paul


11/13   Karen Guardino

11/9    Sharon Rosenthal

11/26  Cathy Manin