April 1st – 5th, 2019



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Dear Colleagues,

Sharon and I hope you enjoyed James Dargan at the assembly on Wednesday. We ran into the children as they were leaving the gym and they said James was amazing. Lindsey, thank you for sharing with us your connection with James. I enjoyed being present while he worked with the fifth grade and appreciate his generosity in sharing his talent with our school.

Hoping everyone had a great week.  Enjoy your weekend in spite of the promise of clouds and rain.





Just a friendly reminder about our fire inspection that will be done on Monday, April 1, 2019, at 10 a.m.
Here is a list of the focal points of the inspection.
  • Classroom door window (glass area) free of obstruction or decoration
  • Emergency windows are free of obstruction (Ledges and shelving must be clear.)
  • Emergency doors are free of obstruction
  • Door holders (woodchucks, please keep out of sight)
  • Temporarily move corridor furniture into classrooms.  German, John and Anthony will assist where needed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Dismissal: Please be sure to adhere to the dismissal schedule: Kgn 2:55; Grades 1-5 3:00 pm

ELA State Test is being administered on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please see that students quietly use the hallways. It’s really important to read all emails from Sharon D. and follow the instructions. Thank you.


April 5 – GA Talent Show –   Encourage your students!

April 5 – Principal Coffee – Grade 1

April 11 – Sharon & Sharon at District

April 12 – Rebecca Cronin – Make-up day



5RR is on a Reading Marathon Mission!

Readers start off at Greenacres and by the time they have completed 3 hours of reading, they get to the Scarsdale Library.  In 5 hours they have made it to the High School. In 8.5 hours, marathoners run into Ms. Rosenfeld and Ms. Ross in Scarsdale Village and are cheered on. Incentivized to keep going, with 13 hours of reading, they make it to the Golden Horseshoe. Finally, at 15 hours of reading, 5RR Marathoners will have made it to the Middle School, completing the marathon.  Yaay for 5RR readers!


April 1st  – Grade 4

May 6th –  Support Team – Caren, Nancy, Joan, Nick, Mitch, Collette

KITCHEN DUTY:  February/March 

4/1   Chris/Paula

4/8   Enrique/Paula

4/22  Joan I.

4/29  Nick