April 8th-12th, 2019





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Dear Colleagues,

We are off to a great start with the introduction of some great new ideas for generating GA Spirit. I am sharing a document which includes items discussed at our faculty meeting this past Monday as well as other ideas generated during the meeting with Karen G on Tuesday. We need your participation in order for any of these ideas to become a reality in our school. Select an area or areas of interest, sign up to be a team member for that area or those areas and then begin to make plans. At our next faculty meeting in May, we will determine which of the ideas/events have gained the necessary traction for moving forward.  Directions have been outlined on the GA Spirit Ideas document, please follow accordingly. Thank you! In case you missed the link, here it is again: GA Spirit Ideas

Getting through the week before a break can sometimes require a little extra push. I hope with springlike weather ahead, and the golden bloom of forsythias finally emerging,  you are energized with each passing day.  Let’s push through!





Thanks to all for your cooperation during the administration of the ELA State Test. After the break, we will be asking you to do similarly for the Math Test.

As I mentioned at our faculty meeting, the cleaning items removed from under your sinks have been returned. Please see that all “non-green products” have been removed from your classrooms no later than Tuesday.  The custodial staff will be required to remove all cleaning products that are considered out of compliance with the district’s “green” policy.


April 5 – GA Talent Show –   Encourage your students!

April 5 – Principal Coffee – Grade 1

April 9 & 11 – Sharon & Sharon at District

April 12 – Rebecca Cronin – Make-up day



First graders in Cathy’s class having fun building pyramids.

What do you do when it all topples? You rebuild!

And sometimes, your next try is even more amazing than your first.



May 6th –  Support Team – Caren, Nancy, Joan, Nick, Mitch, Collette

KITCHEN DUTY:  February/March 

4/8   Enrique/Paula

4/22  Joan I.

4/29  Nick