December 9th-13th, 2019



Dear Colleagues:

I hope your first round of conferences went well and you are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, away from writing reports.  Thank you for all your efforts and your thoughtfulness in describing your students’ progress so far. Sharon and I appreciate the opportunity to read about their wonderful achievements.

Enjoy the weekend!



Playground Equipment Safety: Each year, a representative from Playground Equipment visits our school to inspect the equipment in order to ensure safety. We  had a visit today and we have been notified of the following: According to state regulations,  children should not be allowed on the equipment when there is ice/snow on the equipment and or on the surface under and around the equipment. This is to be adhered to, regardless of the temperature.  The equipment must also always be dry in order to be used by students. Whenever there is a “blacktop only” announcement, please do not allow students to use playground equipment, unless the equipment and the surrounding area is clear of ice/snow and the equipment is dry.

Construction Notification – Please be aware: On Wednesday, December 11th we are expecting a busy day at the construction site due to the scheduled flow of trucks pouring concrete throughout the day from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. While we do not expect our school day to be impacted, traffic delays during arrival and dismissal are a possibility. You are advised to plan accordingly.  Thank you. A police officer will be assigned to the Putnam/Huntington intersection during arrival and dismissal

Parking: Although parking is challenging, please note, Sage Circle (located on Sage Terrace up the hill from the school) is a private driveway. Parking is not advised or permitted and could result in the parked vehicle being towed at the owner’s expense. It’s not worth taking the risk!

Greenacres Building Safety Construction Committee Meeting Update: Below is a summary of the topics discussed at the meeting today. If you have any questions or concerns, please speak with Joan Farella, Teacher Construction Liaison.

  • As the work progresses, there will be an increase in the number of workers on site. This could further impact parking. A letter will be sent to neighbors on Huntington between Brewster and Putnam to ask for their approval to temporarily change the parking regulations to allow daylong parking on the block in lieu of the parking limits currently in place.
  • The next phase of the construction will result in rebar (reinforcement steel)work and concrete pouring to close off the exterior surface starting on Sage and working toward Huntington.
  • Students will be reminded to stay away from the staging area and any other areas enclosed with fencing not only during the school day but also after school.
  • A parent who coaches basketball in the evening expressed concern about whether dust/dirt on the floor in the gym last Tuesday had been coming from the construction site.  It has been determined that the dust/dirt was not from the construction site, but was from dirt dislodged from the soles of the children’s shoes while the entire school danced during the assembly last Tuesday.  The results of air quality testing did not show any cause for concern.  And the dust was not found on any other surfaces in the gymnasium
  • The following items were brought to Francesco’s attention and will be addressed on the punch list
    • Additional hardware  – will be installed in classrooms in the month to come 
    • Latches to be repaired in some rooms
    • Additional cabinets to be installed 
  • Step ladders will not be provided in each room but will be placed in strategic places so all teachers have access
  • There is concern about the Dumpster on Putnam that is often in the pathway of students and pedestrians coming and going. Stuart will reach out to determine if the sanitation workers can take more care to see that the dumpster is safely positioned when the container is emptied. German is also taking steps to check the location after trash pickups and to keep the dumpster safely positioned.
  • Overall there have been no major concerns or negative feedback on the project or its impact.
  • Sharon and I discussed getting a timeline of events going forward – Stuart will be working on this.
  • Noise and Dust Monitoring Daily Reports
  • Next Meeting date in Februaru TBD


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Lindsey with Helene’s class as they enjoy a visit with  Jame’s mother, who sang and taught the children

the Chinese Folk Song, Jasmine Flower. This is part of Lindsey’s inquiry into finding music and resources

that tap into the important cultures and history of families.

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