Capstone Blog Post 1

Hi, I’m back with another post. Today I will be talking about the Capstone project that I recently started. A capstone is a significant research project that all fifth graders have. I’m really nervous about this project because I’m scared my final result won’t be good enough. I’m also scared because there is a very strict deadline.

The process of choosing my main question was tough, to be honest. I couldn’t come up with something that would make sense. I really struggled with that so it took me a lot of time. I came up with a lot but they were unrelated. I had to restart completely and I was really stressed. That kind of threw me off. Then randomly I came up with my main question, at first I thought it was good but after more research, I realized it was terrible. Finally, I came up with my actual one which is what is the daily life of a shoe customizer

I came up with my sub-questions while I was researching. It was hard but not as hard as the main question. One example of a sub-question is:’ Is customizing shoes a job or a hobby?’ I had the idea for this question when I was reading an article on CBS news. Another example of a question is what is driving this desire for custom shoes. I actually came up with it by myself just wondering.

Overall this was hard but I’m so excited to see where this leads. Thanks for reading. See you in the next post.


Immigrant Project

A couple weeks ago our teacher assigned us to interview an adult immigrant. I ended up interviewing my mom Ana because it was easier and more efficient. After I picked my interviewee I had to write questions, this was a pretty easy and quick thing for me because I am good at generating questions. But after I wrote my questions it got more difficult because I had to make sure my questions weren’t repeated so I would get the information I  needed to make a video.  After a few days, I used my questions to conduct an interview. The way I did my interview was that I recorded the interview on my mom’s phone and I got the questions onto my phone and I did ask the questions and she gave responses. I later used the video to write a narrative of my mom and her immigration journey. It was very hard for me to write the narrative and I ended up not finishing it and going straight to the script. The script was basically a plan for the video. I started making slides by just narrating all the slides then I went back and added pictures, and text, and edited everything. When I saw the final video I kind of liked it but when we watched someone else’s in tech class I ended up not liking mine. I had a crazy idea to start over and I tried I wrote a really different script and used a different approach and after I put everything together it turned out really good. In the end, it wasn’t such a crazy idea.


Something I learned from this huge immigrant experience was that no matter where you are you can always find a way to be happy even if it means you have to give up some things. This is very meaningful and it makes me very grateful that we had this project. I also learned a lot more about my mom and her life.


While doing this assignment something that surprised me was how much information I can learn from one interview. Another thing that surprised me was how clueless I was about my mom’s life and why we moved. Looking back at the immigrant journey we went on I finally realized why we moved and how important immigration is because being an immigrant because of part of your identity.


The most frustrating was when my first version didn’t turn out that good because I had to redo and it was really stressful because I didn’t think I would make it. But in the end, it turned out pretty good and was a good experience.


Overall I really enjoyed this experience and I think it was very memorable. Especially when I showed the final video to my mom and she started crying.



Rube Goldberg Blog 1: Sketch

For the past few weeks, we have been doing a project called, The Rube Goldberg Project. It is when you build a super complicated contraption to accomplish a simple task. The first part of this project was planning our Rube Goldberg by drawing a sketch. 

Drawing my stretch was super hard and I struggled a lot with inspiration and creativeness. I didn’t really know what to use. After a long time, I started to think about what I could do. I wrote one step. Then I would think about what would go well after that. I started drawing the steps. I didn’t know what my final step would be but I just kept going.

I was scared that I would draw it wrong. I drew each step over and over to make it make sense to me. When I was tracing my first sketch with a sharpie. I messed it up and I made myself redo the entire sketch. My wanting to make it really good ended up making it really hard for me. The sketch was super hard because you had to think about how you make this work in real life. 

I thought I would never finish it but then one day my brother really helped me. I ended up finishing 2 days before it was due. I was so happy when I finished. It felt like I got a huge weight off my shoulders.

This is how my sketch turned out

Stronger by Janelle Monáe: We The People/Response

The songs mean to me that every time you make a mistake it makes you stronger and that people will support you and make you stronger. This is very meaningful because it shows people to never give up.  I think the lyrics of this song relates to our study of our government because at the time the colonies were very weak and small but they became stronger and I think this relates.

After rereading the chorus, it makes me feel happy and more confident. That I can do something awesome. It also makes me feel stronger. I can infer that the artist was saying that even though there are hard you can always be stronger. I love this message because it can be a life lesson.

The Journey Of Moving To America Writing and Reflection

This is my reflection of my narrative. I used a couple strategies in my narrative but this one stood out. I like show not tell. This is when you take a simple word and extend it. This helped me take short simple words and turn them into sentences. It helped my process by giving me hope that I can write a long story. I still want to improve my writing in internal thinking. I think I can make it more detailed and expressive. Internal thinking also shows emotion and what you think. I think my story could have been more internal thinking. I am really proud of the way I put actions after my dialogue. I think it helped my story by showing what I was doing while I talked. It adds interest and details.

This Was Our Pact By Ryan Andrews

I am reading This Was Our Pact by Ryan Andrews. These are some thoughts about one of the characters Ben.

Ben is kind but wants to impress his friends. Even though he wants to be nice to Nathaniel but his friends will be mean to him. He is selfish and wants his own popularity so he drags Nathaniel down so he can rise high. On the other hand, he rescued Nathaniel from the women’s basement. I think this is important because it shows how Ben cares about Nathaniel even though he doesn’t always show that. To add on it also shows Nathaniel that Ben is a loyal person. Another why ben is loyal and true to his word is that he never backed out of the pact even though a lot of people left he didn’t. Even after a lot of dangerous and scary things happened he wanted to keep going. To conclude Ben wants to be nice to Nathaniel but needs to hide so other people will be nice to him but at the same time Ben is kind.

This Was Our Pact By Ryan Andrews

Nathaniel is very kind and welcoming for example when they ran into the bear Nathaniel treated him like an old friend this was very important to the bear because no one has talked to him and usually they just run away but Nathaniel didn’t. He is also brave and willing to take risks for other people. He took the risk of following the bear because he felt bad and took the risk of taking ben with him. To conclude Nathaniel wants others to be happy and he will do anything for that to happen.

Red Pandas

This is a slideshow about Red Pandas. I hope you enjoy it because I had fun making it. I made these projects to show how fascinating Red Pandas are and why we should save them. Hopefully, we can save this adorable endangered animal.

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Welcome to my Blog, I’m Sophia. I posted a little bit in 3rd grade, now I’m in 5th grade and super nervous. we are kind of the model for the younger kids, I’m scared because I don’t want to set a bad example. Since the past 2 years had covid we stopped blogging but I’m excited to be back and I’m going to write my best so you only read detailed and thoughtful posts.

In the last 18 months one thing that stood out to me is the everyone fought back at covid we didn’t just let it keep killing people we tried to find a cure for covid and we protected ourselves. we found ways to have school and so much more. I feel like covid was of a lesson like new friendships were made, people changed to be nicer we became better people.

I’m looking forward to all the cool projects we get to do this year because I can remember 2-4 grade I was watching the 5th graders do these cool projects like capstone and rockets and that’s just the start I can’t wait!

Because of Winn-Dixie

Dear Winn- Dixie,

I really love the way you encouraged Opal to ask her dad ten things about her mama and Opal made all her friends because of you. You lead Opal into the library, then Opal became friends with Miss Franny Block and then you went running into Gloria Dump’s house, then Opal became friends with Gloria Dump and Odes and Sweetie Pie Tomas and and Amanda Wilcosin and the Doberry boys. All her new friends were because of you, Winn-Dixie


From a your big fan,