What I Learned Over The Break

Over The break I learned that you shouldn’t go too fast when you’re about to go over a bump because you will go up in the air then stay in the air and just fall down and probably hit your head like I did. I had a minor concussion for the rest of the day then I was fine.


A Maglev train is a train that floats off of another magnet while the magnets repel from each other and then the train floats. For the train to float the sides have to be facing the same side like North to North. The first thing my group did for that is that we cut up extra strip magnets and put one of them on the bottom and we put really strong disc magnets on the bottom of the train.

Something we did right is that we put the magnets the right side so the train  would levitate and something we did that didn’t work is putting all the strip magnets together lined up filling the entire bottom of the track It didn’t work because the magnets where to that open spaces  in between the strip magnets the train just went to one side and it wouldn’t move and that’s why it didn’t work.

Experimenting with Electromagnets

On Tuesday, during Science, I learned that the less amount of insulated wire you wrap around the bolt, the less electricity will go into the bolt, leading me to think that the bolt will pick up the paper clips. So lets say I wrapped 1 quarter it would probably pick up less paper clips then if I wrapped 2 quarters. A fun fact is that the first time me and my Science group which is Cindy and Alexa and me tried it didn’t work, (I think that the battery holder was broken, okay lets get back to the story), then because it didn’t work we got new materials.


I wonder why when lest insulated wire wrapped around the bolt makes the bolt pick up less paper clips do you now?


On Thursday me and my science group which is Alexa and Cindy and me of course. First we got a bolt then we got some insulated wire and took turns wrapping the bolt we had to make sure the insulated wire didn’t get overlapped it was very hard so we asked for help we also made sure there were a little insulated wire left. After we finished wrapping we got a battery and a battery holder then we put the battery in the battery holder and put the insulated wire in a fahnestock clip same as the other side. Then Alexa got us some paper clips on a plate because the bolt had turned into a magnet, then we tried to pick up the paper clip with the magnetic bolt. The most paper clips I got is 10 all altogether we got 30 magnets. THE END

Narrative Build

This setting helped me  remember all the important details and the mane points in the story. For example parents are yelling to there child I got that idea from this picture. This picture encouraged me to write this story. It helps remember good teamwork always wins. That’s a really important lesson to learn. In fact Alexa who is one of the best on our soccer team also the kindest on the team. I can look back at that moment and smile at one of  my team wins, and I now that team work always wins. This story took place at the school Green acres on the fields. we get 20 minutes of hard working warm ups.

Soccer Game Epic Win

We switched  goalies. Anne went in goal. I was middle midfielder.  Running each step with sweat sliding down my face. I was exhausted yelling for a pass. “Pass I’m open”. ” DO A BIG KICK TO ALEXA SHE’S ALSO OPEN”. Finally, my team mate passed the ball to me but the other team stole the ball from me. They almost got past us but we put the ball back near there goal. 

But sadly…The other team got past us and scored one goal  wa wa waaa. Then something else happened the coach called me out because everyone gets equal time playing. But at least he told me I did a good job. 

I sprinted to get my water and my umbrella then I sat on the bench. We have no back rest. From the bench I saw my team taking really hard high balls, I was really proud . I saw my them cheating balls and doing a lot of big kicks keeping the ball from going in our goal. 

Parents were yelling to their child. It was so loud. I took a sip of my water it was freezing cold. I shot a water spray gun that Alexa brought at my face. It felt so refreshing. The water was so cold. I was burning up like a hot potato. It was like I was about to faint. So I took another sip of my water bottle. It felt like I was going to get a sunburn. Finally, a little breeze went by. I was praying for rain. After a couple minutes past I found out that we won the game!  My Mom told me good job sweetie!

The End.


What I Learned About Magnets?

read to find out…

Today during Science I learned that different magnets work in different ways, for example, Magna Tiles stick together where ever you put them, because  there are tiny little magnets on the corner so then the magnets stick together.

I also learned that a couple of magnets can actually move some type of iron dust  in a frame. I really thought that it was AWESOME + AMAZING +EPIC all at the same time.  I had the best time experimenting  around with magnets, on my third station me and my partner Cindy played sardines with the magnets they were just regular magnets. I also learned that the Earth is a gigantic huge magnet. We had two more stations left. I had so much fun.