Batteries do many things, and without them things like phones would not exist. But how were batteries created? Well, there were two scientists named Galvani and Volta. In the 1780s Galavani put a metal utensil over a frog’s leg, which made the leg move. This was called animal electricity, and Galavani believed that energy was stored in life forms. However, Volta thought it was the metal that caused the frog’s leg to move. To prove his theory, Volta set up stacked Zinc and Copper. In between every set of zinc pieces and one copper piece, he inserted a piece cloth that was soaked in salt water. What ended up happening was oxidation and reduction. The Zinc oxidized, or realised electrons. These electrons went through the copper and in reduction were added to the salt water. You can hook a light bulb up to the oxidation and reduction flow you will get electricity. After this the salt wat was replaced by a dry chemical paste. One battery has only so much metal, and once most of it has oxidized the battery will die. Rechargeable batteries like phones reverse the process so that the battery can work again. Over, time the system causes problems in the metal which makes the process impossible. In conclusion, batteries are important have evolved over time.

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