Colonial America – pt 1-Overview

In my class, we are doing a project about Colonial America.We made groups to do it. The groups were called , the “New England Colony”, the Middle Colony”, and the “Southern Colony”. We each chose the one we wanted. I chose the “New England Colony”. Then, we did a map to show where we would build our building. We then took the map we made so we can use it as a model. We had some boxes, so we used those to make our town. We each did our own house, then did the other houses. We are going to cover our town in clay, And then we are done.

Colonial America -p2- persona

My character is a farmer and miller. my name is Jane. I have 3 more siblings. My family wanted to get a better life. Since farmers we were poor. We moved to the new world. My mom and dad died on the way. So, I had to take care of my younger 3 siblings.When we got there, the new colony had nothing but land. We had to get  plowing, and harvesting to get some food to last. WE had to build, which took foreeeever. I hope we can survive on this new land.

My thoughts about “Star Girl”

In my class, we are reading “StarGirl”. I think that its about a school who has this kid who doesn’t care about any thing. But then, people started copying what he does. He then turned the whole school into a crowd of regular people who don’t care about anything. But then, StarGirl comes to the school, wearing strange things, carrying a rat in her bag. And dancing on the football field. Then one person joins, and then the whole school joins. One kid started started a camera club, a boy came in with purple hair then every one went back to them self.