Rocket #3 thoughts

This was going to be our last rocket launch. We were determined to get over one hundred feet, so we tried our very best on this one, first we tried making our body as tight as is could possibly be. Which lead to an argument on what color the nose cone was going to be. Sydney and I wanted to choose a different color. While Jai and Neil wanted the same one as we always did, red blue, and white. So to decide, we wrote our choices and let Ms. Edwards pick out of the pencil cup. Lucky for Sydney and I, she picked different color. We decided that the nosecone should be grey. Now it was my turn to tape the nosecone. I made sure that the nosecone was extra tall. I made it out of paper, and then taped the nosecone. They said that I put too much tape. But at least there were no holes to slow it down. Finally, the fins took some time because we wanted them to be very secure. The last two rockets fins were stable except they had one one fin that was a bit loose.

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