Rocket Post #3

My Rocket Design with my group is OK. Our rocket design was great, we argued a bit on the color but it all turned out nicely. When we actually started building. Jai started yelling at Neil and me for not doing the paper body right. After, we did that I started to make the nose cone with A LOT of tape so no air could go through it easily. Then Jai yelled at me again for putting gray tape instead of red white and blue.

Like the other rockets we made, Sydney and I wanted a different color, Neil and Jai wanted the American flag colors. So we wrote what we wanted on a piece of paper, put them in the pencil cup and let Ms. Edwards choose. She chose different color. So we did gray.

So after launching, we were very happy, especially Sydney. We jotted what we noticed and finished the launching part of the rocketry group.

Rocket 2

We launched our first rocket that only went surprisingly 90 feat. How and why didn’t it go higher? It felt like it went a hundred or higher. But after taking notes and notices with my group right after the launch. We made another slideshow in which we typed what we got and what the other groups got. 

Then we put in our first design, and then on a google drawing our next design. And of course, Jai kept on deleting and copying and pasting the rocket. Neil kept goofing off and Sydney at least tried to work on the rocket with me. The nose cone (that I didn’t make) had a LOT of holes that no one bothered to fix. Which is why it went 90 feet only. I hope rocket three will go really high.

Rocket 3 Process

Now on our third rocket design, we agreed to make the nose cone longer. We made our body with grey tape this time, then we chose green as our body color. A  weird combination but it didn’t matter. After, I made the nose cone very tall. Then I carefully put the tape on all around the cone. Eventually there was only a small hole left at the tip. But when you looked at it from the bottom there is no hole. After we hot glued the fins on unevenly as always. After that, I tried to make a sorta big lightning bolt. But instead I  made a VERY small lightning bolt to tape on our rocket.I wonder when we will launch our rocket, every day feels windy. But I hope that this time, our rocket will go HIGHER than 100. Last time it went 90, then 96 can it get even worse.

Rocketry Process

In this unit, we made and studied about rockets. We started with a slideshow, and made our own rocket designs, then we typed in information about our final rocket and the materials we would and used to make our final rocket (which was a fail when launched).

We printed everything in the slideshow we had made. And glued them onto our Inspiration board. Our inspiration board showed each of our rockets, and our group name. After, they were put in the hallway that lead to the 5th grade wing with the other groups.

Then we started to make our final rocket design in reality, which took a lot of arguing and time. I hope we can do the rest of the unit better.


So far my experiences in the rocketry unit is good. This is one of the longest projects I’v done. We made an inspiration boards to show our process with making every thing. Now we are making a drawing.

The drawing that we are making is our final rocket. We put in info to show what we would use to make it. Then we would make it and see if it would work. We would go to against other teems.

We would see which rocket go’s the highest. Second graders would watch. Then our parents. I’m exited to watch and launch it.

Identity Bags

In class, we did an assignment called identity bags. We brought things to show what we like to do. So people can know each other better. I learned from the Identity Bags that I love crafting in anyway possible. I also learned that most people did and liked sports. Some people did where they went, what they did, and what they liked.

Colonial America – pt 1-Overview

In my class, we are doing a project about Colonial America.We made groups to do it. The groups were called , the “New England Colony”, the Middle Colony”, and the “Southern Colony”. We each chose the one we wanted. I chose the “New England Colony”. Then, we did a map to show where we would build our building. We then took the map we made so we can use it as a model. We had some boxes, so we used those to make our town. We each did our own house, then did the other houses. We are going to cover our town in clay, And then we are done.

Colonial America -p2- persona

My character is a farmer and miller. my name is Jane. I have 3 more siblings. My family wanted to get a better life. Since farmers we were poor. We moved to the new world. My mom and dad died on the way. So, I had to take care of my younger 3 siblings.When we got there, the new colony had nothing but land. We had to get  plowing, and harvesting to get some food to last. WE had to build, which took foreeeever. I hope we can survive on this new land.

My thoughts about “Star Girl”

In my class, we are reading “StarGirl”. I think that its about a school who has this kid who doesn’t care about any thing. But then, people started copying what he does. He then turned the whole school into a crowd of regular people who don’t care about anything. But then, StarGirl comes to the school, wearing strange things, carrying a rat in her bag. And dancing on the football field. Then one person joins, and then the whole school joins. One kid started started a camera club, a boy came in with purple hair then every one went back to them self.