Constitution Project #1

For my Constitution project I am researching Independence Hall. After I have finished doing my research I plan on making a model of Independence Hall with the Liberty Bell in front and the signing of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence in the back. I chose this topic because when I went to Independence Hall I learned so many interesting new things that I wanted to learn more about all the historic events that happened inside this building. So far for my topic I have a ton of research and I have most of the materials that I need. I had a few problems and one of them is that I can’t find small people to go with my model but I figured I will just print some of the people and some will be store bought figures. But overall my project has been going great and I am really excited to actually start building my model


Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Historic Philly By:Sophie

On friday November 9th 2018 it was a rainy morning when the JR tour buses rolled up to the constitution center and the heathcot fifth graders rolled of the bus. They grouped into small groups while it drizzled and walked into the Philadelphia Constitution center. On this trip the fortunate fifth graders got to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the Constitution center

The Constitution Center
The first stop on this trip was the Constitution center were the fifth graders were able to see a Hamilton exhibit and 2 amazing shows. The first show was living news witch talked about gun control and privacy issues and other amendments and also showed skits of people agreeing and disagreeing on these same topics. The second show was Freedom rising witch was about the civil war and the new world and the colonist. And the Hamilton exhibit is filled with artifacts from the 1700’s to the 1900’s like the exact replica of the pistols of Hamilton and Burr’s Duel and different facts about Hamilton’s life like how he was a founding father of the U.S.

The Walking Tour
The fifth graders were also able to go on a walking tour to independence hall were they went to the continental congress room and a courtroom that was actually used back then and in the courtroom there is a 3 boths for the jury and one big table in the back for the judges the fifth graders also got to see the continental congress room were the orignal rising sun chair is there are 13 tables in the room as well for whomever might have sat there. After independence hall the fifth graders went to the 6th of chestnut street were the original liberty bell stands today.

According to Heathcote 5th graders, if you are ever in Philadelphia these are some of the places you might want to see.

An Ordinary Friday Night

 An Ordinary Friday Night

By: Sophie.L


This was like any ordinary Friday night where I’m watching T.V on my red spinning chair in my pj’s. I was so tired my eyes were half closed but when my mom said “Soph I’m going outside with your father” I knew that things were not going to end well but I didn’t say anything.


That same night my brothers Henry my twin and my little brother Eli started to hit me and I knew it was either me or my younger brother how would end up being hurt. My parents were outside so I couldn’t shout to my mom or dad. I was so over it 😔 that when Henry started to run at me I just stuck my foot out and hit him right in the in the stomach.


And in an instant he fell to the ground hysterically crying😭. I thought to myself that  when I thought it was either me or my younger brother how would end up being hurt 😵I thought wrong. My parents came in at the worst time they walked in and saw Henry crying so they rushed toward him and asked are you o.k he replied in aloud sob “NOOO” my mom was furious. “GO GET AN ICE PACK” she shouted😠 so I ran to the fridge and got an ice pack I felt so guilty 😨 I didn’t know what to do so I just sat and stared at my brother.


But after a few moments he stopped crying😩  and sat up and out of nowhere started to run toward me so I got up  as quickly as possible and ran as fast as I could go to get away. I ran around my house and up  stairs and down the stairs zig zagging 😤 everywhere I ran toward my mom and circled her and then I tried hiding behind my dad but I ended up getting thrown to the floor and punched in the arm.


I got up feeling beat 😢  but I knew I deserved it so I just went to the couch and got a real nice talking to about kicking my brothers after that I shouted “BUT THEY… my mom interrupted and said “2 wrongs don’t make a right.” I knew it was true so I didn’t argue but in a really low whisper I muttered “not fair.”


I realized that I was so energetic that I could run a mile but even though I was energetic I slowly walked to my room dragging my feet hopped in my bed and turned out the lights. Laying in my bed staring up at my ceiling I wondered will that ever.. I stopped there shut my eyes and the next second I was waking up Saturday morning feeling refreshed from a crazy night😴. After that I never kicked my brother again. Well actually that’s not true I still kick and punch my brother’s all the time but I avoid kicking them in the stomach😈.

Issac Newton

Isaac Newton biography

Isaac Newton was an engineer, English mathematician, astronomer and physicist  and discovered gravity. Newton was born on January 4, 1643. Unfortunately Isaac newton’s father died 2 months before he was born. His mother was remarried when he was 3 and moved away. When his mom moved she left him in the hands of his grandmother. Isaac went to local schools and got sent to kings school when he was 12 in Grantham England where he lived in the home of a pharmacist named Clark. Isaac Newton did great in school he grew up to be a successful person. 

Sir Isaac Newton  was a British scientist at the  University of Cambridge in England for 16 years. Newton was the scientist who discovered gravity. He started to research gravity when an apple fell on his head. He had wondered why it didn’t fall up. For several years Isaac Newton did research. Isaac once said “The more I study science the more I believe in god.”

Isaac newton died March 31, 1727. Newton held the same chair that Steven hawking held. In Isaac’s lifetime he came up with not just the 3 laws of motion but he also came up with the laws of gravity and the laws of optics. Isaac’s equation was  F = ma witch leads to three laws of motion.



Fall in 2018

Fall is my personal favorite season because there are so many exciting things happening! One exciting that that happens is school starts. For me, school started on September 4th. I’m now in 5th grade at Heathcote. School has been great because a week ago it  was my birthday. Fall is also exciting because of Halloween I’m so excited to dress up with my friend Stella and together were going to be a vampire.

In Scarsdale before Halloween some people go around and boo people. You might be wandering what is Booing? well booing is basically when at night you fill up bags of candy and leave them at someone’s doorstep and they eventually find it there the next day. My second favorite event in Fall is Thanksgiving. I like thanksgiving because I get to see all of my family and friends. I also like thanksgiving because my grandmother cooks and she makes a delicious turkey.

These are reasons and examples of why Fall is my favorite season.

4th grade reflection

I did a lot this year in 4th grade and I am really sad to go to 5th grade. In 4th grade we did Learning to look which was were we looked at pictures and did an activitie. We also did learning from our differences and Dennis Ohler. Some of our hands on projects we did were our Passion Projects, Toy theater and our Colonial.

We also did different read aloud’s some of them were Blood on the River,Tiger Rising and Book scavenger. My favorite subject is art I like it because it was fun and the projects did not just take 1 class it took about 3 – 5. My favorite read aloud was Book scavenger because it was part Mystery part fiction.

My favorite project would definitely be toy theater because it was educational and fun at the same time. Also like it because I  got to do art

I loved 4th grade and I’m looking forward to going to 5th grade.

PSA Reflection

            My PSA project was really fun to work on and I enjoyed researching about my topic. The process of my wevideo was long and fun. The first thing that we did for our PSA was pick our topic I chose Oceans. Then we did research for a week but our research had to be organized by Consumer Producer and Decomposer and that was the hard part. After that we did the script which was what we were going to say or write. Then we went to wevideo and started our 1st draft which was not perfect. But we worked on it for a while and it became a lot better. Finally we got to the final project and were able to publish it.  


I felt that this was a fun experience and I got to learn a lot and now I want to help clean the oceans and save them. I hope you enjoy my PSA.  




Milton Hershey


             You might have heard of Milton Hershey as the creator of Hershey but he didn’t just make Hershey… There was a lot more to his life then just Hershey chocolate.



Milton was born September 13,1857 in Lancaster , PA he lived with his parents and his younger sister Serena. He started school when he was 7. When Milton was 11 his sister Serena died and 2 years after he stopped school and became an apprentice for a newspaper editor. Milton’s boss was hot – tempered and when Milton got into an argument with his boss  he got hot – tempered too and threw his straw hat into the printing press and jammed the press and he was fired. Milton got a new job as an apprentice at a Ice cream/Garden store. Milton worked at Mr.Royers shop for 4 years. In May 1876 after 4 years of work and learning Milton Hershey thought it was time to go into the candy business himself.



Milton Hershey rented a small brick shop on spring garden street in philadelphia were he could live and make candy. In June 1876 Milton put up his sign “ Milton S. Hershey Confectioner’’. Milton decided in 1880 he needed some help so he hired a man named  William Lebkicher (Lebbie). Milton was 25 broke and out of business so when his father Henry Hershey left for chicago in 1883 Milton left to. So Milton decided to rent another candy shop and once again is mother fanny and aunt mattie followed him. Milton also got married to a candy store owner named Kitte.  


Later Life

Milton was an apprentice for a caramel maker in Colorado. Milton quit to start his own caramel business with the secret ingredient he learned at his old job which was milk so Milton decided to only sell caramels.His candy was a big hit so when he was 37 he went to England to see how his caramels were being sold. Then Milton was asked to come to a garden party in England. And he saw that a bunch of kids were talking handfuls of chocolate and running away with them when milton decided to follow them he saw that the kids were eating the chocolate and spitting out the middle. This gave Milton an idea. So Milton went to chocolate makers asked how to make chocolate. When Milton came back home to Lancaster he decided to make chocolate. The bank loan him $1,ooo Milton was able to buy a factory. Milton decided he needed more workers (eventually he would need 600 employees). Milton wanted his employees to enjoy their job so Milton  built a town for his employees with a school an amusement park and even places for them to live!


Milton had to build trolleys going in and out of the park to carry sugar. Eventually Milton needed more sugar so he built a sugar plant in cuba to import sugar to his park to make chocolate. In 1906 the town officially changed its name to “Hershey.” Milton started producing in 1907 Hershey Kisses. He died 1945 when he was 88 but Milton will always be remembered.




This probably all sounds easy but Milton had  a very hard time making candy. When Milton was just starting his business he walked from Lancaster to philly to ask for more money from his uncles sadly his uncles said I will not share a dime with you and to make things worse his uncles made Milton walk back to Lancaster with no food or money.


In April 1894 When Milton’s Business started to go uphill his aunt Mattie died. And 10 years after that Henry Hershey Milton’s father  died in 1904 and to make things even worse Milton’s wife Kitty died in 1915.



Milton did a lot to impact the world. One thing that Milton did was he made a school and home for children and parents who could not afford to take care of their children. Milton also gave children what they wanted witch is chocolate a lot of  kids wanted plain chocolate so that is what Milton hershey gave them.

Ocean 2018

This year my class got to pick our own ecosystem to research on. I picked the ocean, I picked the ocean because I’ve always wanted to learn more about the Ocean. My ecosystem is unique because it is like an underwater world.

The Ocean has many Producers and Consumers and Decomposers. Some consumers are  Sharks, Dolphins, Orca, Manta Rays, Seals, Blue Whales, Walruses, Octopie, Eels, Jellyfish, Zooplankton. Some Producers are, Algae, Seaweed, Plankton, Coral. A Decomposer is  Bacterioplankton


My ecosystem is located in the South Atlantic, North Pacific, East Indian, West Pacific, East Pacific. These are all places were you are able to find a oceans. Some interesting facts about the ocean and animal

  1. Sharks sink if they stop swimming
  2. Pilot fish follow sharks feeding on scraps left behind
  3. Plants require sunlight and grow only in the photic zone
  4. At least 300 different live in the great barrier reef
  5. Scientist find two new fish species a week