At Heathcote Elementary school Friday 12/15 it was Colonial day. There was 8 activities and my favorite one was stenciling. This was my favorite activity because I got to make a holiday card and because I got to use paint and I learned something that was interesting and funny.What I learned was that artist came to your town to decorate your house they also asked if they could live with you and if you could give them food.

Something I learned was that girls were supposed to know less than boys and girls also got treated with a lot more respect than boys ever did. I also learned that all the boys and girls had to play outside and use there imagination instead of playing video games.

Something that I want to learn more about is the dance because we also had to dance like people who did in colonial times and in my opinion it was really fun and so I want to learn more about how the colonial people danced.

Colonial day was probably a lot different from now because from now because the people were a lot meaner about your personalty.


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  1. Wow!! I learned a lot about the colonial times by reading you post. In my opinion I think that it’s unfair that they girls were treated with more respect than the boys. I really liked your post.

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