In my class we were assigned to to do a Colonial America book and I chose a Colonial Kitchen for my topic. The process of my book was long. The first thing that we had to do was collect the research witch was my favorite part. The next thing we had to do was organize our information by chapter. Then we had to do a draft of each and every one of our chapter’s and then copy them into our Docs. And then we had to copy all of our writing in to our slides and add pictures to our chapters. Finally we had to re – read and do our Bibliography and Glossary and pictures


My favorite part of my book is my Chapter – 3 because we got too  make up our own character and our own theme and what was going on but everything in the letter had to be non-fiction or true I also liked my Chapter – 3 because we could make a continued or another letter that was a sequel and I also enjoyed doing my Chapter – 1 because I learned a lot more about Colonial America I also enjoyed being able to make a book that other people could read and learn from.


I had a great time working on my book and I hope you enjoy reading it, and that you learn something new:


6 thoughts on “Colonial America Reflection”

  1. When I finished the blog post I was so excited to read your book. The chapter- 3 was also my favorite chapter because you got to make up your own character and your own problem.

  2. I thought your book was amazing. I loved it because I can see life how it was in the kitchen back then and how they got the food!

  3. I think you did a great job on your book and blog post! What I liked the most was the journal entry. I liked that the most because at the beginning the mother was mad but at the end she was very calm. I liked your blog post because you described everything
    you did.And everything you liked about the process. I rate a 5 out of 5!

    1. Thank you! And the changing emotion of the mother is also something I worked really hard on. (:

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