I did a lot this year in 4th grade and I am really sad to go to 5th grade. In 4th grade we did Learning to look which was were we looked at pictures and did an activitie. We also did learning from our differences and Dennis Ohler. Some of our hands on projects we did were our Passion Projects, Toy theater and our Colonial.

We also did different read aloud’s some of them were Blood on the River,Tiger Rising and Book scavenger. My favorite subject is art I like it because it was fun and the projects did not just take 1 class it took about 3 – 5. My favorite read aloud was Book scavenger because it was part Mystery part fiction.

My favorite project would definitely be toy theater because it was educational and fun at the same time. Also like it because I  got to do art

I loved 4th grade and I’m looking forward to going to 5th grade.

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