On Friday November 9th 2018 it was a rainy morning when the JR tour buses rolled up to the constitution center and the Heathcote fifth graders rolled off the bus. They grouped into small groups while it drizzled and walked into the Philadelphia Constitution center. On this trip the fortunate fifth graders got to see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and the Constitution center

The Constitution Center
The first stop on this trip was the Constitution center were the fifth graders were able to see a Hamilton exhibit and 2 amazing shows. The first show was living news witch talked about gun control and privacy issues and other amendments and also showed skits of people agreeing and disagreeing on these same topics. The second show was Freedom rising witch was about the civil war and the new world and the colonist. And the Hamilton exhibit is filled with artifacts from the 1700’s to the 1900’s like the exact replica of the pistols of Hamilton and Burr’s Duel and different facts about Hamilton’s life like how he was a founding father of the U.S.

The Walking Tour
The fifth graders were also able to go on a walking tour to independence hall were they went to the continental congress room and a courtroom that was actually used back then and in the courtroom there are 3 booths for the jury and one big table in the back for the judges the fifth graders also got to see the continental congress room were the original rising sun chair is. There are 13 tables in the room as well for whomever might have sat there. After independence hall the fifth graders went to the 6th of chestnut street were the original liberty bell stands today.

According to a Heathcote 5th grader Nicole, if you are ever in Philadelphia go to Independence Hall

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