For my Constitution project I am researching Independence Hall. After I have finished doing my research I plan on making a model of Independence Hall with the Liberty Bell in front and the signing of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence in the back. I chose this topic because when I went to Independence Hall I learned so many interesting new things that I wanted to learn more about all the historic events that happened inside this building. So far for my topic I have a ton of research and I have most of the materials that I need. I had a few problems and one of them is that I can’t find small people to go with my model but I figured I will just print some of the people and some will be store bought figures. But overall my project has been going great and I am really excited to actually start building my model


Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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  1. I’m excited to see your model too and have a few materials that you may want to consider for making your people (check in your tinker tote too).

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