I am so HAPPY, because me and my group finished the sketch of our Rube Goldberg and it looks pretty great. One of my favorite parts is when the tracks light up they are glow in the dark tracks so they might not be o seeable but if they are not we could put colored hand lights on the sides so they light up. But the COOLEST part is at the end, we are going to be feeding an animal well you already know this if you read my last post but the thing is that the animal we are going to be using is so unique I don’t think that anyone this year will have even thought about it. This because a lot of people do not have the animal we are using.

Anyway I am a super EXCITED about the building because I really want to know how the sketch might change our how it might work because my favorite part is…. IMPROVING well sort of I also enjoy being SUCCESSFUL more successful because then you that you worked hard. Well you can find out what will happen next in Blog post three of Rube Goldberg.   

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  1. Great post! This would be a great place to include a photo of your sketch 🙂

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