Today I started building my rube Goldberg and it is not as easy as it looks and that makes me realize will it be frustrating to have to do all of the testing and failing? Well even if it is frustrating I will still try as hard as I can because when things go wrong you can always make it better (meaning the Rube Goldberg). But the good news is… that my group got a lot done and we made a schedule that will definitely keep our group at a steady pace which is good because we won’t be able to work on it next week because of february Break. I am hoping to get to finish building our building process by Friday because then we will have plenty of time to actually get it tested but chances are that what it looks like now will not be the same of how it looks when were done but our sketch is pretty solid so I am pretty CONFIDENT.                                          P.S I think that this will be successful so good luck to my group

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