So far in my rube Goldberg I have finished the building and it looks great but the only thing is that the domino’s are so frustrating because every time you get them to all stand up the fall right back D




That might not sound so frustrating but it is because the length that the domino’s stretch is pretty far so when it falls all of the dominoes fall and then you try to put them all back up and they all fall down but we have kept under control. We are about to be done with the whole thing because they are all up meaning the dominoes. The last time we met though was like making history because we finally finished building and…………………………………..WE ARE ADDING A NEW PART. This might not seem huge to you because it’s just adding another part but for us it’s big because we took something simple and got frustrated with that And on top of all that we’re adding another part and it has to be good because it’s going to be our second beginning that might not make to much sense but to make sense it means we are going to have two grand beginnings


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