Currently I am reading a book called The Land of Stories it’s a series book and there is 6 but I’m on book number 1 and so far it’s so good the main characters in the book are Alex Bailey and Conner Bailey and I’ve only read to chapter 3 but so far I figured out that Alex and Conner are twins and Alex in their relationship is the really smart one and Connor in that relationship is the sporty one. But something else that I’ve learned is that Alex and Connor’s dad died in a car crash coming home from work. This was really hard for them because they really love their dad and ever since he died money has been tight for them and they  never get to see there mom because she has to work double shifts and in the text Alex and Conner both say it feels like they lost both of their parents. 


P.S if you ever need a good book I would choose this one 🙂


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