It’s getting really close to the end of Rube Goldberg  and by really close I mean like 2 days but I’m really excited because our Rube Goldberg is turning  out really well and I think it’s going to be really nice. But the thing is we’re kind of stressed about  finishing it, well now I am not stressed and we’re positive that we’re going to get it done tomorrow and my teacher said that it doesn’t have to be successful but hopefully it will work because we worked so hard to make our rube goldberg really good.  I think it’s a really cool design and the purpose of it is also really cool and I don’t think anybody in the fifth grade history has ever done feeding a Hedgehog Maybe a dog or a bunny but not a hedgehog so I’m really confident and I think we’re going to do a good job. A new update is Instead of using a big cup we are using a small cup but  we’re having trouble with tipping that over but other than that everything is pretty good we’re not really having trouble with anything else just tipping the cup so it goes down the ramp

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