We have finally finished our Rube Goldberg and it turned out great!

The thing about Rube Goldberg that I hadn’t realized was that when you are finally testing it you can just get so stressed even my mom and Izzy’s mom were getting frustrated but in a funny way. The Rube Goldberg toke 20 tries and it took 2 hours to just get prepped for the actual testing but it was all worth it. My favorite part was when we finally got our machine to work and we all jumped up and screamed kind of like the picture but we were screaming really loud. My second favorite part is Archie, he was the star of the show and he was so glad that we finished. Probably because we were very loud and he was tired but he was still a very good help and looked pretty happy while we were working and plus it was like a playground for him.


Then finally after 20 test our Rube Goldberg finally worked now for the post you’ve been waiting for here is my groups rube goldberg:



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