In the book Refugee there are three families who have to leave there country to stay safe from fighting, bombing and riots that are occurring everywhere. In this post I will be writing how all the reasons the characters are leaving are similar and different.

The three main characters are Isabel who lives in Cuba, Josef who lives in Germany and Mahmoud who lives in Syria. The reasons that they are leaving are similar because, it is all because of fighting. For example Josef is leaving because of the Nazi’s in Germany, Isabel is leaving because her dad could get taken away from her and her family forever and for Mahmoud he had to leave because of a dictator who was giving him no freedom for his family or him.

The reasons that the characters were leaving are also completely different. For example Josef left because of the Nazi’s invading his home and since Josef is a Jew the Nazi’s are even more dangerous to him. For Isabel she left because  her dad could go to jail forever and for Mahmoud he left because of the fighting and metal bombs filled with metal and broken bottles.

These examples all show how the reasons that Isabel, Josef and Mahmoud are similar and different.

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