I have started a new project called Passion with a purpose. My topic for my project was to learn how to make Italian dishes, I have the month of April to finish, and I think that is plenty of time as long as I am give myself a reasonable amount of homework. So far for my homework I have done a ton of research on Spaghetti, you might think that it is pointless but I am doing research on spaghetti because that is one of the dishes I am making the resources that I am using are Quora Spaghetti, History of Spaghetti Spaghetti Timeline . I will also be making a Cesar Salad and meatballs with the spaghetti. My inspiration for this topic was my Grandmother I call her Nona because she is Italian, she is also an amazing cook and some of her food is Italian so I wanted to learn more about the food. For my project I plan on doing an imovie that shows all the work that I have done or I might just do a video that has different clips of me grocery shopping, cooking and much more. I can’t wait to continue my project and I will keep you posted.

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