Yesterday I finally made my spaghetti and meatballs and when I say the meat was freezing it was like putting your hands in the freezer for 10 minutes. My favorite part about making the meatballs was probably shaping them into little balls the only hard part about that was making sure that the meatballs aren’t too big or they weren’t too small. Another hard part about making meatballs was flipping them by flipping them I mean on the pan you don’t just leave the meatball on one side you have to constantly flip it so that all sides are even in color for me this was hard because  I didn’t want to break the meatball I don’t want it to fall apart so that was just a concern for me. But other than that the meatballs were super fun to make they are really fun and what also makes them great is there super simple. The spaghetti part wasn’t that hard because it was mostly just about how you cooked it and the time, the time meaning that if you didn’t pay attention if the water was boiling in a large pot then the water could start going down because it’s a evaporating.

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