I have finally done my interview I am so happy I could explode (but in a good way not like in my last blog post) I am so happy because 1 I got to meet a very interesting person who has a really cool job and his name is Victor Gorelick (his job is being the co CEO of Archie Comics). Victor Gorelick was a really fun to interview because he had lots to say and it was all informative and interesting. one thing that I learned was that he actually got his job through his school because they had a placement service and there was a job opening at Archie comics. I also learned that Victor has made his own story’s and his own comics which I thought was really cool because I would love to make my own comics and my own story’s but I don’t think that I am creative enough for that and plus Victor is a professorial and I am a not as good as he is he also showed me some amazing comics in the process like the cover of schools out  and I was fortunate enough to get to see the different stages my favorite was the second stage because it showed the cover with pencil and eraser marks and highlights of what needed to be changed and edited.

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