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Technology: Flashlight

I finally finished my flashlight. I added some duct tape and used these special markers to trace some things on it. I think my flashlight is good representation of my blueprint:


They look pretty similar except one is much bigger and not black and white. This is a picture of the flashlight alone:

In the first picture, you can see an upside dow tree which is just a result of the angel I took the picture from. If you flipped it though you would see a tree. I made the bark out of beads because I thought it would look unique. It didn’t look as good as I hoped it would but its not too bad. I put the duct tape on one side and I didn’t like how crinkly it was which is why I thought I could use a sharpie to mark out the crinkles. It definitely helped fix the crinkles and it looks like something abstract but that’s ok with me.

This was a fun project to work on and I hope to do more like it. I enjoyed it because we didn’t really have any limitations besides the fact that it had to fit in a box. Otherwise we could do whatever we wanted with the flashlight when it came to decorating and the shape.


Technology: Flashlight Update

I’m almost done with my flashlight. Today I finished re-sautred  the wires together because I accidentally burned the first switch so I had to replace it.


I then put together the outside parts including the pipe I cut with the saw and stuck the wires in so I could start decorating. I haven’t finished decorating the flashlight but I’m almost done. It doesn’t look like a lot and it isn’t. I’m not done decorating yet though so it should look better the next time I post updates about my flashlight.


Technology: Flashlight Blueprint

I finished designing the blueprint for my flashlight and I’m ready to start sautering the wires and building the flashlight. Here’s the blueprint:



Recently, I’ve been getting the different materials required for my flashlight. I’ve also started cutting the pipe for my flashlight and collecting the different parts. I also cut the wires I needed. There are two positive wires which are red and one longer black wire which is negative.


Technology: Sautering

I finally finished sautering my jewelry. This is what it looked like after I finished sautering and rubbing it against sand paper. I spent a very long time rubbing it against sand paper to try and make it look better. However, the sauter keeping the two together would usually fall apart so I decided it would be be better to not do it as much as I would have liked because it was already taking so much time. It was a lot of fun making this bracelet even though I struggled a lot with it. I am also pleased with how it turned out. It might not be the best bracelet in the world but its the best one I could make. I hope to do more projects like this one.


Technology: Flashlight #1

Yesterday in tech, we learned about these boys in Taiwan who were trapped in a cave for over a week in absolute darkness and with no food. They were exploring a cave before it flooded leaving them trapped inside. It took a lot of international help but eventually they got all the boys out. I can’t begin to imagine what it must have been like trapped in absolute darkness with no food.

Our next project is to create a waterproof flashlight inside a box powered by a circular battery. We got paper that we could doodle our ideas on and I honestly didn’t have that many ideas for my flashlight. There were also a lot of different items we can use to make our flashlight but I’m not really sure where to start. I decided to try putting some together. The visual representation really helped me start getting some ideas.

We’re starting the flashlights today. I’ve already gotten some new ideas and I’m really excited to start! We can do a lot of things with it but one requirement is that it has a working light and that it can fit in a box.

Technology: Self Driving Car Game

Yesterday in tech we played a car game with our switches. The four people at a table had to work together to make the game work. Two people would place one card down on opposite sides.

The two colors were red and black. In the previous post, I mentioned making my switch, this is the game where the switches were used. If the card on one side was red you’d activate the switch on that side. If the other side had red you’d activate the switch on that side.

If both sides had red you would activate the switch in the middle. However if neither of the sides were red, so the two colors were black, then you would not press any of the switches. The fourth person at the table would film it to time it.

Technology: Sautering

In technology, we’re currently making some jewelry pieces out of silver or gold wire. I chose silver because it is easier to bed and I have some pretty hard things I want to make. I also just though it would have a better effect on my design which is a bunny.

I finished shaping the wires and I put it on double sided tape on a piece of paper. This will help keep everything in place for when I start sautering it together. I finally finished all the pieces. The part I struggled with the most was the tail because I had some small, sharp curves.

This is currently what it looks like:

I’m going to start sautering tomorrow and I’ll post what it looks like after I’m finished.

Technology: Switches

In technology we made some switches. Basically what we had to do was cut some shapes out of cardboard and attach tin foil so that if we connected something to the different tin foils then a light would go on which is what we’re doing.


This is one of mine



Technology: Breakout

A few days ago in Technology we played a game called Breakout, which is a game kind of like Escape Room except instead of breaking out of a room you need to break into a box. This box contained half of the safety goggles. There were two teams with two different boxes.

We had about 30 minutes to break in. There were three locks on my team’s box, a letter lock, a number lock, and a direction lock. The first clue was a piece of paper which said something like “Safety is the 1st priority.” This was a clue for the letter lock. The answer there was FIRST.

We found a few more sheets of paper, one of them had a story where the character broke a bunch of rules. I thought it might mean the number lock would have the code of the rules that were broken so I tried a combination that I thought would work but it didn’t work.

My team figured out the direction lock and I’m still not completely sure what it was. We had a few minutes left to figure out the number lock. In the end it turned out that my combination was correct but that I somehow hadn’t done something correct with the lock. In the end, Mr. Calvert had to help us open the lock because it was jammed or something. There were only a few minutes left when we finished.

We had some problems with the locks but it was a lot of fun! The other team got their box open a few minutes after we did. I enjoyed this game a lot.

Technology: Atoms

A few days ago in Technology, we were learning about atoms. Mr. Calvert told us about atoms. We learned a lot of things about electrons, protons, and neutrons.

He told us that a lot about it about them and he taught how us how a battery works and what it has to do with atoms. He taught us that there are two parts of a battery which are separated by a wall.

On one side is the copper and on the other is zinc. If you connect the two sides with a wire the electrons from the zinc will zip through the wire to the copper side. If there’s nothing in between the battery will pop and be unusable.

If you put something like a light bulb in between, then the electrons will be forced to go through there. The electrons will go through the wire and bump into the sides causing it to produce energy for the lightbulb.