November 26

Instruments made out of Wood

When instruments are made, they are made with specific wood that has a nice sound and texture. Although some are not good for the earth. The material to make violin bows is very wasteful. Before using wood to make instruments, the wood must be seasoned which takes about 10-15 years. For bows, they first have to use resonance spruce and the Balkan maple. It makes playing sound much better and gives the bow a rigid feeling.

November 13

Technology 7 – 1st Post

I’ve built many things before. One thing that I remember building, with lots of help, was a tent when I went camping with my family.

A few years ago my mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle and I, went to a camp site and put together a huge tent. The tent came with many tools that we used to assemble it. We had to use a hammer and nails and of course the tent. We nailed down the nails in the ground with the hammer. Then we attached the tent and assembled it. After it was all put together, we put the blow-up mattress, lamps and some food in it for the night and slept. With teamwork, tools and materials we used, the tent stayed up for the night.

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May 6

#8 Tech Post

We are starting our project today of making 3 circuits. We only get 1 piece of cardboard to make three ways to make electricity so we have to use it wisely. We also need to wear safety glasses as we see some ways to cut things.


May 3

#7 Tech Post

Today our teacher, Mr. Calvert, wasn’t here so he left us to watch a video about Nicola Tesla and his inventions about electricity. From there we will do something on Monday about the video. In the video we were learning about the Tesla Coil. That transfers electricity. Without Nicola Tesla, we wouldn’t of known what electricity was, how to work it, and how it works. Now that he discovered it, we can power up many things and that transformed technology into something so big.

May 3

#6 Tech Post

Yesterday we were getting ready for our project on Monday. Our teacher showed us the sauntering iron and some examples of what we are going to be creating ourselves. We also went over some rules about how to handle the materials. Our teacher let us pass around some materials to look at them and feel them. During this unit of electricity, we will be creating our own electric circuit using tinfoil, popsicle sticks, cardboard and some other materials. We will be making 3 types of ways to make and electric circuit.

April 29

#5 Tech Post

Today we were doing more on electricity. We finally got to do hands on little projects on making a circuit. We worked with a simulator trying to light up a lightbulb and it worked!! Mr Calvert, had us go around a table and he showed us how to light the lightbulb. He let us try it and this is how it turned out after a few try’s and working with my partner, Xiyan:

April 23

#4 Tech Post

Today we were learning about electrons and reviewing atoms. Electrons are static and they are all negative. When electrons touch atoms, the atoms move away because negative can’t touch the negative. But negative can touch positive. Our teacher taught us that in clouds, all of the negative parts are on the bottom and all of the positive parts are on the top. When negative parts jump to the bottom on Earth, thats what causes lightning. When you put positive and negative together, it causes a shock.

Atoms are made of protons and neutrons together. Atoms can be split apart. The electron cloud is the outside part of an atom. In the center of an atom is the nucleus. It is the core of the atom. Protons and neutrons give the atom some weight. Adding a single proton to an atom will change the atom completely. Each positive proton will charge a negative proton.

On the right side of the periodic table, there are two parts and on the left there is one part. You can cut into any element and it will turn into smaller atoms.

April 22

#3 Tech Post

Today in technology class we were learning about our galaxy and atoms. Atoms make up our world and everything else. When we look up in the sky, the stars we see are only the stars in our galaxy, The Milky-way. We learned that a ray of light will travel 6 billion miles in one year. Our galaxy is 120,000 light years across. It is already 1000 light years thick. We have 400,000,000,000 stars in our galaxy. There are close to 100,000,000,000 galaxies. When you look very closely in the sky, you’ll see little discs, which look like stars, that are actually galaxies.

Atoms are the most smallest piece of matter. It is not invisible, but in order to see one, you have to look with a microscope. We only know 118 different atoms, which is in the periodic table.

April 12

#2 Tech Post

We are learning about electricity and how power and energy works. Thales of Miletus discovered that rubbing amber would attract lightweight objects like feathers. The word for amber in Greek is “elektron”. Democritus believed that the nature of things was made of small, invisible particles of varying sizes called “Atomos”. That word then got changed into the word “Atoms”. We also listened to the Periodic Table song. We got to see all of the 118 elements that make up our planet and us. Our teacher taught us that Queen Elizabeth’s doctor discovered that the Earth’s core was molting. William Gilbert said “The electric effluvia differ from much air, and as air is the earth’s effluvium, so electric bodies have their own distinctive effluvia.” So from there on he was said to have made the word effluvia.

April 11

#1 Tech Post

Today is the 4th day of technology class in school. I really am enjoying it, even though we didn’t start the projects yet. Yesterday my teacher set up a little scavenger hunt which involves working together. It was a bit challenging but with some hints and teammates, we found the answers to the puzzles.

We also started learning the safety rules while working with the tools in class. In class, the main important thing is to wear safety goggles. That is because when we are using the soldering iron, and some other tools, we have to be careful with the way we handle them. We could possibly hit our eye and damage it.

So far I am really looking forward to starting some of the projects because we will be working with tools and materials that I haven’t worked with ever.