December 18

Hanukkah Party

What do you do for the Holidays with your family’s? In this blog post I will tell you what I do For the holidays.

I celebrate Hanukah. Every year for Hanukah my family and I have a huge party in the dinning area in my aunt’s building in New York City. Everybody from the building comes as well as some neighbors that live in other buildings right next to their’s and some friends and family. We have a tradition that we do every year. When we come we have to bring a present and put it in the middle of the table. Then each person takes a present and when they open it that is their present. We call it grab-bag. For my sister and I, everybody brings one present for us. When it’s time, we light the candles and say the blessing. We also have some food that people bring and we eat all together. I love this Hanukkah tradition. I think it’s so fun because everybody get’s together and I see my family. I get to see my cousin that I normally can’t see because one of them is in collage and when he has brake we never have time to see each other. Also I get many presents. Getting the presents is one of my favorite things that we do. Every present represents me. Last year I got sparkly clothes, lip gloss and more things that I love. This year we are doing this Hanukkah tradition and coming altogether. I am so excited to have so much fun!


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