January 9

Rube Goldberg Project

At school the whole fifth grade does a Rube Goldberg Project. Each class gets partners and works together to make a cool “simple machine” using different materials. At the end you have to try to reach your goal. You and your group can come up with anything for your goal such as: something pulling a door closed or having food in a cup and something pushing the food into a bowl. There are many ways you can make this project successful. My class got to pick their partners. My partners are my friends Audrey and Leila.

For this project you have to go to each other’s house and work on it all together. Once you have built it, you take videos of the “simple machine”. You have to take videos of it when it fails or doesn’t reach the goal and when it works. For the whole “simple machine” to work successfully it takes about 50 tries! Sometimes even more!

There’s a lot of steps to do this and maybe you and your class will do! So far it has been a really fun experience!


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