January 18

Likes and Dislikes

When doing this project there are some likes and dislikes. Some things that I like about this project is we get to be creative and use our imagination to build our own Rube Goldberg simple machine with our group. Also, we get to find different materials and use them in different ways which I thought was cool opportunity.

Some things I disliked about this project is it can be challenging to create a Rube Goldberg simple machine but at the end you are proud of yourself. Another thing that I disliked about this project is there are many fun and creative ideas that you can put into this project but your group has to agree with you and sometimes it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to.

Some things that I LOVE about this project is everybody gets to share their ideas and their thinking. What I like about sharing our ideas is that when we hear other ideas we can learn from them and create even more ideas!

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