January 18

Materials For Rube Goldberg

For this project we had to write a list of materials or things that we used to build the Rube Goldberg simple machine. My group and I used many materials and things to build this simple machine. The most common thing we used was dominos. Some of the other things we used were balls, a train track/train, cups, cardboard, a car and popsicle sticks. One problem that we faced was that some of the materials we used didn’t actually work. One example is when we put the cardboard on the ground a little slanted and put train tracks on it with a train on the train tracks, the train wasn’t working and was trying to get over the little hill but couldn’t make it. After that we had to think about what we would do about that. To replace that we came up with a using different materials. We used a skinny tube and a marble. The marble rolls down the tube and hits the train which makes that move down the tracks. We always had a solution to the problems that we faced.

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