January 18

Our Goal

For the Rube Goldberg project each group had to think about a goal they want to achieve at the end of their simple machine. These are the steps my group and I did to come up with a goal:

#1: My group and I brainstormed some ideas for what our goal is going to be. We realized we needed to actually share our ideas and talk about it together as a group to see what we were thinking.

#2: Leila got the paper and we all wrote down our ideas on the paper. We ended up having about 10-12 ideas for goals.

#3: We wrote tally marks to the ones we liked the best. Two of the ideas got three tally marks because we liked the idea the best. It came down to one out of the two ideas. We decided that our goal is for something to play the radio and we will decide on a song to play.

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