January 18

Problems We Faced

Throughout this project we faced many problems. We always had a solution that turned the problem into something new or fixed the problem. We had a lot of the same problems which were disagreements. We had a lot of them. One disagreement we had was we couldn’t decide if we should keep the elevations on the cardboard because we didn’t know if it would work and we didn’t know if it would add a cool feature. We were arguing a little about that.

Another problem we faced was whenever we tried the whole simple machine and we set it up again, we always would hit another domino and then all of the dominos would fall down which made us set up the whole machine again. The lesson is to BE CAREFUL! Here is a suggestion: two people setting up the machine is not a good idea because when two people set it up, it gets too confusing and someone can hit the other person and the whole thing falls down.

The last problem we faced was some of the steps we did didn’t work when we tried it. One example is when we attached string to the ladder and string to the ball, the ball fell out of the string so we needed to find a way to keep the string tied to the ball so when we swing the ball it won’t fall out of string. When we tied the string around the ball many times it still fell out. We had one choice which was to wrap the string around the ball SO MANY TIMES! It worked!

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