April 20

Capstone – # 1 Choosing My Topic

What is Capstone? Capstone is a project of your choice and you research about the topic you choose. At my school we chose our topic and we are in the process of choosing a big question to research throughout the project. Then we are going to visit a place that involves our topic. We are also going to interview someone that studies our topic and is an expert on it.

Capstone is mostly done in school and some of the project done at home. During school, what we did to come up with questions is, we got a piece of BIG paper and wrote some questions that related to our topic but wasn’t a main question. Then we graded them and if we thought they were really good then we out them on the top of the paper and if they weren’t deep and wasn’t going to have a good answer, than we put them on the bottom of the paper. What I did was, I made some of my questions that were the good ones and that were on the top of the paper my following up questions. Here is my process so far:

 A little bit before Capstone started I was always thinking of what to research and learn for my capstone. I was thinking of researching gymnastics leading to scoliosis because my sister has scoliosis and I wanted to learn more of what my sister and other people have. I then talked with my mom and felt like I wanted to research something else. My mom suggested I should research redheads. I thought that was a great idea because I’m a redhead and I don’t even know some parts of me like, Why is my hair red? I thought more about it and I just loved the idea. My mom and I looked up some places to interview. We saw a University that is all about biology. Genetics is part of biology and that means that the professors there would talk about anything that has to do with genetics which is the genetics about redheads. Right after that I was sure that I was going to research redheads.

My main question I am going to research is:

“How does genetics work for redheads and how does that compare with others”?

My follow up questions are: Why is red hair so rare?, About how many people in the world are redheads and what other specific nationalities tend to have red hair?, Why do people think redheads are going extinct?, Are there any other natural hair color(s) that tend to be rare, if so why?, Do redheads’ hair change as they get older?, Why do redheads tend to have more freckles that other people and fair skin?, and If red hair is going extinct, how will it if people keep passing the generation on?

So far this has been going very well for me and I think I’m very organized with this project. I know I will do very well going further on!