May 29

Graphic Novels

In school, only our class, is doing a class on graphic novels with a teacher, Mr. DeBerry. He comes into our classroom about once every week and he teaches us about graphic novels. For example, he shows us the order of how to read them, he shows us how to understand it and we have little talks about the graphic novels that we are reading with our partner.

In this unit, when Mr. DeBerry comes comes in, we have reading partners for graphic novels. My graphic novel partner is mu best friend Jessica. When we read graphic novels we think of the story and like I said have little talks with our partner.When we write our own graphic novel we can choose to write a real story that happened in our lives or we can write something made up. The process that we have to write in is Somebody – Wanted – But – So – Then. My story is somebody (me), wanted (a best friend), but (the best friend that I made was mean and moved away), so I made new best friends, then we do everything together and get ready for 6th grade together! We got to pick to write our graphic novel on panels or paper and I chose paper. The title I made for my graphic novel is The Friend That Went Wrong. So far we have been revising and editing our graphic novel. Some are still finishing up drawing and making their cover and blurb. I am done with everything! (The drawing, the cover and the blurb!) This is me and my friend Jessica doing a screen cast and asking/answering questions about this unit on graphic novels:

This is my graphic novel that I created! Enjoy!

Thank you for watching and I hope sometime you will read graphic novels and even create your own graphic novel!

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