April 23

#4 Tech Post

Today we were learning about electrons and reviewing atoms. Electrons are static and they are all negative. When electrons touch atoms, the atoms move away because negative can’t touch the negative. But negative can touch positive. Our teacher taught us that in clouds, all of the negative parts are on the bottom and all of the positive parts are on the top. When negative parts jump to the bottom on Earth, thats what causes lightning. When you put positive and negative together, it causes a shock.

Atoms are made of protons and neutrons together. Atoms can be split apart. The electron cloud is the outside part of an atom. In the center of an atom is the nucleus. It is the core of the atom. Protons and neutrons give the atom some weight. Adding a single proton to an atom will change the atom completely. Each positive proton will charge a negative proton.

On the right side of the periodic table, there are two parts and on the left there is one part. You can cut into any element and it will turn into smaller atoms.

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