May 6

#8 Tech Post

We are starting our project today of making 3 circuits. We only get 1 piece of cardboard to make three ways to make electricity so we have to use it wisely. We also need to wear safety glasses as we see some ways to cut things.


May 3

#7 Tech Post

Today our teacher, Mr. Calvert, wasn’t here so he left us to watch a video about Nicola Tesla and his inventions about electricity. From there we will do something on Monday about the video. In the video we were learning about the Tesla Coil. That transfers electricity. Without Nicola Tesla, we wouldn’t of known what electricity was, how to work it, and how it works. Now that he discovered it, we can power up many things and that transformed technology into something so big.

May 3

#6 Tech Post

Yesterday we were getting ready for our project on Monday. Our teacher showed us the sauntering iron and some examples of what we are going to be creating ourselves. We also went over some rules about how to handle the materials. Our teacher let us pass around some materials to look at them and feel them. During this unit of electricity, we will be creating our own electric circuit using tinfoil, popsicle sticks, cardboard and some other materials. We will be making 3 types of ways to make and electric circuit.